The Perfect Rose - was seedling 8060

$125.00 Double Fan


The Perfect Rose-8060 (2)

Region 5 Edman Joiner seedling large flower winner in 2022.

The Perfect Rose - was seedling 8060

This beautiful red double won the ADS Region 5 Enman Joiner Seedling Award for the "Best Large Seedling" this year (2022). I introduced it as a 5" flower, but it sure was close to 6" at the regional. 30" height, Semi-evergreen, Reblooms, Tet, 100% double, Christmas rose with large, ruffled gold edge. 4 way branching, 20 buds. ((Barbara Mandrell x (Camelot Red x Blazing Cannons)) x (Triple Cherries x unknown)) Available fall of 2022. Taking orders now.

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