One Thorny Devil - was seedling 8063

$125.00 Double Fan



First of many coming future toothy doubles

One Thorny Devil - was seedling 8063

Orange-red double with a large, ruffled, light gold, toothy edge with lots of large teeth. This introduction is one great parent! It basically was the parent that really got my toothy double program going. While the host plant is not that super it doesn't affect its offspring when brought to a stronger plant. What it always passes on is TEETH.
It usually keeps its 3-way branching in the offspring. A MUST plant for those hybridizers that are working on a toothy double program. 5.75", 22 inches, 95% double Semi-evergreen, Midseason, reblooms18 buds, (Prickly All Over x Twice The Bite)

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