My Friend Red - Was seedling 20065

$225.00 Double Fan


My Friend Red - was seedling 20065 8060 x 8063 (6)

I was on introducing this fantastic cultivar for 2023, but wanted all of you to see it now.

My Friend Red - Was seedling 20065

When my wife saw this seedling, she immediately said "You will name that one after me", My wife has red hair and our good friends call her "Red", so we came up with this name. Thanks, Bill. Stunning deep Christmas red double with a distinctive large gold toothy edge that covers the entire petals and raised double material. My best introduction to date. 5" bloom, 24" height, 4-way branching, 20 buds, 99% double. Tet. Semi-evergreen, reblooms. Great parent for red doubles with teeth. (The Perfect Rose x One Thorny Devil)

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