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My garden just before hosting the 2015 Atlanta AHS National.

Bruce Kovach of Centerpiece Gardens

Bruce Kovach retired from his previous job as a Information Systems manager for The Dow Chemical Company 13 years ago. He loves to grow and hybridize daylilies in Georgia. Things are a lot different with the red clay in Georgia vs. the beautiful sandy peat soil that we previously had in Michigan. In addition, since starting the move in June of 2008, my son Steve and I have spent hundreds of hours remodeling the interior of the house to make my wife Pat happy. After that was finished we have completely redone our 1 ½ acre yard, with bulldozers, chippers, chainsaws and my new Kubota.

Bruce and Pat moved to Georgia for a longer growing season but mostly our decision was to be closer to our son and granddaughter “Sydney". She is our only grandchild. We have another son Greg who lives in Chicago. Our Brittany Spaniel “Brandy" is no longer with us. We now have rescued two Shih tzu's, Martee and Missy. They have been a great addition to our family.

Bruce & Pat helped start the Central Michigan Daylily Society, but now they belong to the "Daylily Society of Greater Atlanta" in 2011. Bruce is both an AHS Garden judge and is a member email robin.

Bruce loves to breed daylilies, he started working on patterns first, but then decided to focus on what he loved best, doubles, he has produced over 30,000 seedlings and with the help of my fully functional greenhouse it has allowed his focus in several areas. (1) on fully double daylilies with strong plants; he continues to improve his clarity of color, branching and bud counts each and every year. (2) on clear deep reds that hold up to the hot Georgia sun. (3) Working on some patterns that are so exciting.

Our garden was one of the ones chosen to host the Atlanta AHS National Convention in 2015. Please come by and see it for yourself.

Bruce became a MASTER GARDENER in 2011. He has learned a lot on how to grow daylilies and other companion plants in this environment with lots of freeze and thaws and many different types of bugs and fungus.

You can contact us at 770-815-8921. 1170 Burgess Drive, Suwanee, GA 30024.centerpiecegardens@yahoo.com

He also wants to give special thanks to Lee Pickles and before Lee, Steve Moldovan, Larry Grace and David Kirchoff that have given him valuable insights into hybridizing and finding out what it brings to your life.

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